Refractory Installation


    Refractory installation is one of our core competencies and we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our planning and coordination. It is our extensive experience that allows us to quote projects at the right cost and complete them in the required time.

    National Machinery & Conveyor has the experience and ability to work with furnace designers in the construction of new furnaces. With furnace construction and hot repairs dating back to 1968, NMC is well prepared to handle your refractory installation, conversion, and repairs. We achieve the highest standards of engineering construction through careful planning and preparation.

    Regardless of the size or scope of your refractory installation needs NMC is your top choice. We employ only union tradesmen to ensure the very best quality and a safe working environment. As we all know, the jobsites can be hectic and dangerous and there is no substitute for experience and capability. Call NMC today and tap into our established expertise.


    High Efficiency Oxy-Fuel Furnaces

    Our experience includes extensive work with oxy-fuel furnace installations and conversions. Oxy-fuel combustion is a proven melting technology that improves the thermal efficiency of furnaces while reducing unwanted emissions. If you are considering installing or converting to oxy-fuel, be sure to call us for the design-build or conversion. We will manage the entire project from concept to completion to ensure increased efficiency, enhanced performance, and improved fuel costs.

    Hot or Cold Refractory Repairs

    At National Machinery & Conveyor, we rely on our skills and resources to deliver a repair solution for damaged or worn refractory systems. In addition, we can provide complete rebuild or expansion packages. We handle it all, from design, demolition, and supporting steel fabrication, as well as proper drain and cool down to ensure the best results. We understand the incurred costwhen systems are down so we guarantee effective remedies to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

    The workforce at NMC is skilled in the rapid and effective repair of operating furnaces. NMC will perform hot repairs while minimizing the impact on production. Emergency repair service is available 24/7.


    Our capabilities include:

    • Over 35 years in glass furnace and related industrial construction
    • Complete engineering and design capabilities
    • Specialists in production shutdown repairs and modifications
    • 24-hour service for production interruption emergencies
    • Knowledgeable and experienced supervisory personnel