Extensive experience provides NMC with the perspective and knowledge to successfully manage complex projects – on time and on budget.

    • Experience
    • Professionalism
    • Proven track record
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    Our expertise is demonstrated by thorough planning, quality workmanship, and an excellent safety record. NMC is unmatched in this area.

    • Over 35 years in furnace construction
    • Minor and major furnace rebuilds
    • Hot repairs with minimal downtime
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    We consistently exceed customer expectations by providing high quality craftsmanship of structural and miscellaneous steel fabrications. NMC will arrive on site to work with customer plans and steel to assemble any size structure.

    • Full fabrication shop
    • Hydraulic crane services
    • Rigging and erecting
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    NMC will provide superior installation of an array of machinery and conveyors, including structural support, along with all accompanying custom fabrications such as platforms, stairs, and handrails.

    • Union Millwrights
    • Latest technology
    • Innovative solutions
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    NMC offers all of the services necessary to finish off a big project. We can provide custom tailored solutions for your electrical and mechanical needs.

    • Controls and power
    • Combustion piping systems
    • Complete installation
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    NMC is your one-stop for complete project solutions. We improve efficiency by offering complete design, engineering, fabrication, and installation services across multiple disciplines – Structural Steel, Refractory Structures, Electrical Power and Controls, Mechanical Systems, and Equipment Layout.

    • Feasibility studies
    • Fabrication of components and assemblies
    • Unrivaled expertise in our field
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